Khattiya Jewelry Factory

One Stop Service in Jewelry Business

With more than half a century of experience in jewelry business, our own sophisticated manufacturing facilities, and professional marketing, we can firmly support you through your journey to success in jewelry business.

We believe that jewelry represents love and best wishes to the loved ones. Thus, each and every piece of Khattiya’s jewelry is carefully crafted with superb Thai craftmanship in every process, including the repair work, adjusting the size and re-inlaying the loose gemstones. Our customers can rest assured that we will bring back their precious memories.

Our Service

Express your Dream to the World

Our high-quality manufacturing facilities and experienced personnel ensure your dream jewelry will come to life as you dreamt it. Our online marketing expertise helps you reach out to the right groups of customers. Our services, manufacturing, online-marketing and repairing, build up the total solution for your complete jewelry business.


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